Get in touch

There are several ways to get in contact. But please remember we are all volunteers, so we might not reply immediately. 

We always need more people to get involved and help out, whether you like to get your hands dirty with plants, or prefer organising activities. Any kind of help is very useful. 

We meet every 2-3 months - these meetings are open to everyone in the area. 

Other ways to contact us:

E-mail: snug(dot)
Facebook: Stoke Newington Common Users Group (SNUG)
Twitter:  @SNUGN16

Chair: Berni Graham
Secretary: Siobhan Beatty
Treasurer: Anna Newman

The rest of the current 'committee'

Amy Erickson
Andrew Wilkes
Craig Renton
Hilarie Kerr
Ivy Silcott
Jasmina Juhar
Joan Pearce
Josie Boukaissi
Joyce Huggins
Judy Meewezan
Liz Fewings
Mark Ranasinghe
Martha Silcott
Nick Morrison
Olga Pujic
Susan Brown


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