Environmental work

Since 2001, SNUG has undertaken a great deal of work, often in collaboration with others, to improve the appearance and bio-diversity of the Common.

This has included planting and then looking after trees, hedges, spring bulbs, wildflowers and creating and improving habitats for other creatures, including hedgehogs, birds, beatles and butterflies.

From being rather bleak and barren, the common is now a thriving bio-diverse site and an oasis of green. The range of plants is great fro the natural world and nicer to look at.
Also and hedges and trees help reduce noise and air pollution, especially from the A10 traffic

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Providing a 'green corridor'

 The Common helps birds, insects and small mammals, such as hedgehogs, by providing a green corridor for them to travel along, as well as feeding and rest opportunities.

Our local green corridor links Abney Cemetery, Clissold Park, and the East and West Reservoirs, with Hackney Downs and London Fields Fields.

It is greatly assisted by the railway embankments, street trees and local gardens.

Over the past two decades SNUG installed the tree seat, many benches adn with Hackney council restored the drinking fountain

As the common is a Hackney park, please report any fly-tipping or large amounts of litter to Hackney Council, tel 0208 356 8428; email parks@hackney.gov.uk; or download this Love Clean Hackney app to report rubbish directly 

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