Green Resolutions for 2021   Spend 2 hours in nature each week   Visit all of London’s parks   Join a local volunteer group.   Pick up litter from your local park.   Go on an awe walk a couple times each month.   Donate to a London nature trust / charity   Be able to name the 20 most common birds in London   Be able to name the 20 most common trees in London   Gain the trust of a bird or squirrel (proceed with caution)   Plant a bulb, some seeds, a plant, or a tree each month.   (Adapted from Nature of London No. 5 -    

About SNUG

The Stoke Newington Common User Group (SNUG) are local people who give their time to look after Stoke Newington Common. We believe that open, public, green spaces are priceless. People need nature and nature needs us to protect it. SNUG volunteers  work closely with the London Borough of Hackney and other local groups to p rotect and enhance the Common environmentally , and ensure it can be enjoyed by everyone.  Please get in touch if you would like to help in any way. Email: snug.n16 [at] Watch a short video about SNUG's work: As it is a Hackney park, if you notice any damage, fly-tipping or large amounts of litter please contact Hackney Council , tel 0208 356 8428; email; or download this Love Clean Hackney app to report directly