What SNUG do and why

We are a group of local people who work voluntarily to protect and improve Stoke Newington Common, N16. We believe that everyone needs access to open green space to relax, exercise and play in, and that the natural world helps us psychologically as much as physically. In London especially public parks are invaluable.  

Please get in touch if you would like to help out in any way. Email: snug.n16 [at] gmail.com

SNUG aims to: 
  • Promote interest in and help local people appreciate and enjoy the Common as both a green space and a place of recreation, in our densely-built neighbourhood. 
  • Ensure all the diverse local communities use the Common and foster a sense of pride and ownership in it. 
We work closely with numerous other agencies to improve the Common, including Hackney Council, the Tree Musketeers and local schools and community groups.

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Can you spot what's missing?
Before our input, the Common was quite barren, neglected and underused.

Over recent years SNUG has:
  • Fundraised for and installed a playground, which opened in 2006. Before that, and despite the high number of children in this area, Clissold Park or Springfield Park had the nearest playgrounds. Both are nearly two kilometres away.
  • Planted numerous new trees and hedges on the Common and tended these, with help from Tree Musketeers and local volunteers. SNUG has also tried to improve biodiversity in other ways too,
  • Planted thousands of spring bulbs and a summer meadow on the Common with the help of local residents, children from local schools and nurseries and Hackney Council
  • Commissioned the wooden tree seat and benches; and got the fountain refurbished
  • Rescued other neglected patches locally, including beds outside Rectory Road and Stoke Newington train stations; the corner of Filey Avenue and Chardmore Road; gardens along Sanford Terrace; and the garden at number 1 Osbaldeston Rd.
  • Campaigned for pedestrian crossings, to connect the Common with surrounding streets and enable children to get to the playground safely; and for 20mph speed limits on local roads.
  • Organised many events on the Common each year including:

SNUG's other activities include:

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