Common Playground

SNUG members observed that local children had to go a long way to the nearest playgrounds: ie to Springfield Park or Clissold Park.

One of SNUG's early and arguably most significant undertakings was to fundraise for and commission a playground to be built. Most of the funding came from Awards for All and the London Marathon, but the planning and design took a great deal of free time and effort by local people.

Before the playground

By design, the playground equipment is mostly made from natural materials, to fit in with the environment. The range of equipment means it can be enjoyed by a wide age and ability range.

The playground has proved extremely popular since it opened in 2006 and is used by all sections of the local community.

More recently, SNUG joined forces with local resident groups and others to successfully campaign for pedestrian crossings, linking the Common to nearby streets. These make it safer for children to get to the Common and playground.

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