Hedge planting and care

One of our first activities on the Common was to plant a hedge (between Brook Road and the 73 bus stand) to hide and soften the bare railway fence, as well as introduce some biodiversity and greenery.

Hedges are also great at absorbing air and noise pollution. 

A few years later, we added a hedge along the other railway line and later still, the hedges along Rectory Road and by the playground.

These photographs show the fence and the new hedging plants about 2001.  
Our hedges contain a diverse range of mostly native species, such as hawthorn, dogwood and blackthorn.

Hedges offer perfect nesting spaces and cover for birds and other creatures, bio-diversity and soften the landscape. 

The hedges have now grown so well, that we have to thin them out and trim them back most winters. 

We always need help with this, as it's very hard work. But fun. Tools and instruction provided. Contact us for more details

None of this would have been possible without the help and expert guidance of the Tree Musketeers and a lot of free labour from many local people.
Winter work thinning and layering the hedges


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